CAE-system POLIGON allows to develop the some most important technological parameters of foundry processes not on real casting, and on its computers model. It reduces cost and the time for designing and development of foundry technology, increases a quality of casting.


CAE-system POLIGON can simulate processes of solidification, formation shrinkage cavities, macroporosity, microporosity. POLIGON can predict also formation structure, mechanical properties etc. on the basis of thermal calculation.

The basic models of simulation (solidification, feed) are universal by materials and methods of foundry. POLIGON can simulate steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, magnesium alloys, pig-iron etc. The methods of foundry are sand casting, die casting, high pressure casting, low pressure casting, direct solidification.

POLIGON has some specialized modules and functions, for example, modeling of cyclic processes, solidification in vacuum furnaces with radiation etc.

The simulation is based on the finite elements method. It allows to use modern physical models and adequate description of geometry. The solver uses direct and iteration methods of calculations. The iteration method allows to use PC for calculations any castings.


Poligon's preprocessor can import finite-element mesh from such systems as FЕМАР, НурегМеsh, АNSYS 4.4-5.3, РгоСАSТ, Nаstran, Рго/Меsh, StressLab, etc. For generation 3-D finite element mesh together with POLIGON can be included in delivery - pre- and postprocessors HyperMesh or FEMAP. For translation geometrical models they use IGES, PARASOLID, VDA FS. CAE-system POLIGON has a large database thermal parameters for alloys and materials. POLIGON has module for automated generation thermal data of alloy by chemical structure.


Postprocessor of CAE-system POLIGON allow to represent results of calculation in a various form. It can be 2D plots, 3D isosurfaces, color and black-and-white plots, isotherm, the diagrams etc. POLIGON uses modern graphical libraries. It allows to work with 3D objects very fast.

System requirements

The recommended configuration is: PIII 1 GHz, RAM 256 Mb. The operating system: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

Developers and users

The first version CAE-system POLIGON was developed in 1989 in Central research institute of Materials (St.-Petersburg). This work was carried out by ministry of a military industry for special quality casting. The large group of the scientists and experts of a various structure took part in work More then 20 plants in Russia bought POLIGON. For example - JSC "KAMAZ"(N.Chelny), JSC "UAZ" (Ulyanovsk), JSC "Rybinsk motors" (Rybinsk), JSC "Red engine" (Novorossijsk), JSC "Turbins blade plant" (St.-Petersburg) and many other plants. Besides CAE-system POLIGON is used in State technical university (Tula), St.-Petersburg Institute of machine building etc.

The address: 191014, St.-Petersburg, Paradnaja str. 8, CRIM